our 3D audio engine

Our 3D engine consists of a customised HRTF engine combined with a sophisticated reflections engine that calculates the true reflections based on the current position and rotation of both the source and listener and the size and shape and materials of the room. We combine this with other so important cues such as pitch to create a high quality, realistic 3D audio experience. On top of that we use custom processing that eliminates the sonic side effects associated with the use of HRTFs. This way we can ensure the  audio stays crisp and clean and compatible with speaker systems. 

what are hrtfs?

HRTF stands for ‘head related transfer function’.
​We know from which direction a sound is coming because of differences in timing (phase) between our left and right ear, differences in frequency and differences in level(volume). In a normal stereo mix only level is used to simulate the position of a sound. An HRTF set is a set of measurements taken from different angles which describe how the timing, frequency and level change depending on the position the sound has in relation to the position of our ears. By applying these HRTFs to a sound you mimic the position of the sound because the HRTF will apply the needed changes in frequency, timing and level.


• Listener: Azimuth L/R/Front/Back, elevation

• Sound sources: Azimuth L/R/Front/Back, elevation

• Listener yaw (horizontal plane) and pitch (vertical plane)

• Room modelling

• Early reflections based on  current position and rotation of source and listener in relation to room

• Adjustable direct sound roll-off

• Adjustable reflections roll-off

• Doppler in movement

• Multiple HRTF sets

• Filters for different reflections characters

• Additional extra filters for realistic behavior of a wide range of sounds and rooms

• Directional sound source (yaw)

• Head tracking

• Minimal latency

• Cinematic 3D Sound ®


cinematic 3d sound

One of the problems associated with the use of HRTFs is the degradation of sound quality – in particular the crispness, definition, and low end.
We solved this problem and you’ll notice that our engine truly gives you the feeling of being there, without diminishing the original quality of the sound.


game compatibilty

The Timber 3D technology is fully compatible with all major hardware platforms and peripherals, as well as the most popular game engines (Unity, Unreal4, FMod, Fabric, etc.).
The resulting designs provide real time movement and rotation of both the listener and multiple (directional) sound sources.

film, video, radio, audio books

For film, video, radio or audio books you do not need to worry about platform compatibility or real time interaction.
We can create a 3D mix of your stereo or surround mix or create a 3D mix from scratch. All you need to do is supply us with your stem mixes and from these stems we’ll create a 3D mix that is optmised for a 3D headphone experience but gives an improved spatialness on speakers as well. 


We’re located in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Feel free to drop us a line and see what we can do for you!

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