The Timber 3D Engine is available free, and a royalty is charged only once your mix
is publicly performed or distribute - heard by its intended audience (*)

Yes, you download the engine. Use it for everything—movies, television and radio programs, games, anything under the sun that has stereo output—even cinema, television and Web commercials. Then, only when your mix is actually used in a product that is publicly distributed, a small, one-time, fixed-rate licensing fee (royalty) is paid to Timber by the owner's IP. Accordingly, the fee amount is based on the product’s type, performance/exhibition venue, and length, with discounts for volume.

If you are interested in downloading the engine to start delivering high quality stereo immersive mixes, please click the button below and we will send you a link together with the EULA.

(*) Conditions apply. Check the EULA agreement attached in the email.