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Samsung VR video (listen with headphones)

This video was created for Samsung to showcase the capabilties of the Samsung Gear VR. The sound design was done by Scramble Labs (UK), the 3D mix was done by Timber 3D.
We’re really proud of this video, a great way to hear what 3D sound can do. Although the 3D effect is clearly present when listening on speakers, for a full 3D experience please listen with headphones.

Production Company - Unit9
Director - Jonathan Pearson
Post Production - MPC London
3D Audio Mix - Scramble Labs + Timber 3D audio


We made a 3D version of this video about the Dutch team for the Olimpic Winter Games 2018 in cooperation with Good Sounds.
With all the movement this was a great video to show what 3D can do!

State Zero

This is a fragment remixed in 3D from the State Zero short film written and directed by Andrée Wallin and originally mixed in stereo by Redpipe.
Please use good headphones to enjoy a better 3D effect, although even on speakers you’ll notice the spatialising effect.

A special scene is the last one, where the men are gearing up, the whole environment was built with two 3D engines for the engine hum and 2 others that took care of position the foley of the actors preparing their weaponry and injections. Another great effect is the distant late reflections caused by the aircrafts in the beginning, and the launch and landing of the rockets halfway the movie fragment. 

making of...


Note: this workflow describes 3D post for film mixing and does not apply to game platforms. For 3D film post we use a different version of our engine optimised for post.

From Redpipe we received the premixed stems in mono, reverb and delays disabled, and we applied our 3D technology to these stems.
What you hear in the video is all 3D processing, no other reverb, reflection or room simulation tools were used.
For this production we used around twenty 3D engines, and for each object the 3D track was drawn in our software where we also set the right parameters for reflections, attenuation and sizes of the spaces. 
Remixing this video in 3D was a challenge, as the sounds were already designed for use in normal stereo, including attenuation and doppler. 

We would like to thank Andrée Wallin and Redpipe for their collaboration and support .

Murder in the forest
Audio only, mixed in stereo,
using standard stereo sound effects.

Murder in the forest
Audio only, mixed with Timber 3D 
Now you know who done it!


Get ready... Skeeto is here... the pesky little mosquito that is going to ruin your sleep.
Can you find her, and kill her?

This amazing game for iOS that is based on listening and promotes physical exercise; you cannot play this game seated...
You need to wear headphones, and then you'll hear Skeeto fly around you. Try to find her by pointing your iOS device in the right direction, make sure she is close enough, and then you can swat her with your device, or use your aerosol can.

But be careful, she can attack you too! And then it is time to dodge, spray or swat her really quickly or use some repellent, otherwise you'll loose a life. You can refill your aerosol can and repellent by tapping the bonus bottles that float around on your screen from time to time. Skeeto learns from her mistakes; the more Skeetos you kill, the harder it will get...

A unique 3D audio game from the makers of 3D audio!


Available for FREE from the App Store.
- iphone 5 or higher
- ipad 3 or higher
Minimal iOS 9


We’re located in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Feel free to drop us a line and see what we can do for you!

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