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We are experts in designing and implementing high-end 3D sound, either in interactive applications like games or AR/VR, or in linear media like video, film, audio books and radio. An important part of our approach is that we focus on what creates a maximum illusion of being there.
Although working with 3D audio might seem similar to working in stereo, in reality you need to rethink your sound plan. A good 3D audio production plans how to deal with 3D audio from the start of the design. It is not just a matter of re-routing the sounds through a 3D plugin, and all of a sudden the production is 3D.

We at Timber are sound guys. And we do not only know about sound, but much more important, we know about the psychology of sound.
Creating a virtual world is all about make believe, and not about trying to copy reality. Check out our blog pages where we explain some of the differences you need to be aware of.

3D (re-)mixing

We can create a 3D mix of your existing content, from film to commercial. This means that your clients can experience your production with 3D audio even when listening over headphones. We discuss with your team how you envision your 3D mix, any special wishes or effects you have in mind. Once we receive the necessary stems and assets our team starts to work on your 3D mix. Just like with games, we can adapt our engine to any specific needs you might have.
And because of our cinematic processing our 3D headphone mix will sound great on speakers as well!

3D sound design

More and more people listen to content over headphones. This can be digital radio, audio books or music.
This gives the producer the option to use 3D audio in their production for a track that stands out from the crowd.

For commercials this offers the possiblity to grab the attention of the listener by positioning the commercial in 3D around the listener, and for audio books we do not need to explain that with 3D audio it is much easier to make an immersive production which makes it impossible to stop listening.
We work together with Scramble studio’s sound designers in the UK. 


gaming, AR & VR

Game developers can use our engine within their game authoring application. Just send the coordinates of the listener and sound sources to our engine, and your audio will be transformed into 3D. We offer a large set of controls to adjust the sound per scene.
But unlike an off the shelf solution, it doesn’t stop there, this is where it starts!
If you need help or advise, or would prefer different behaviour of our engine, we're here to listen to your suggestions.
Our engine is designed to be customised, it was made to be tailored to the production’s needs.


We can create a special version of our engine for your production or sound app.  
Create your own unique company hrtf set, change, add or remove reflections,  bend the laws of physics, change the speed of sound, add oclusion, almost anything is possible.

Are you on a mobile platform where processing power is limited? Our engine can adapt to that.

Do you want to integrate 3D audio in a non-standard or proprietary platform? We can create a custom version.


We’re located in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Feel free to drop us a line and see what we can do for you!

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