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Timber 3D was founded in 2014 with the goal to create high quality tools and services in the area of 3D audio. Timber 3D is located in Utrecht in the Netherlands and consists of 3 core members, Jordi Alba, Peter Bakker and Daniel Talma. When needed this core team is expanded with sound designers, recordists, developers, all depending on the projects we’re working on. We’re working closely together with Scramble Studios in the UK, and love to work with their sound design team.

Jordi Alba

 has degrees in Media and Communication (Boston,US) and video production, image and sound techniques (Barcelona, Spain).
A 20 year film and game production veteran, Jordi’s client roster includes  Nickleodeon Animation Studios, New Velocity Media (LA), Rosalin Film Productions (Chicago), VideoDiC Labs (Spain), Servimedia (Spain), Arkalis Interactive (LA) and MGM (Metro. Goldwyn, Mayer).
Jordi is in charge of international business development for Timber 3D, and logs air miles accordingly.
When he is at home he plays the drums. 

Peter Bakker

studied Music Technology in Utrecht/Hilversum (NL) where he specialized in DSP programming and graduated cum laude (with distinction). 
After his studies he was one of the co-founders of Audio Ease, a company that developed many first class audio programs used widely in both the music and film industries like Barbabatch, Rocket Science, Nautilus, Snapper, and their most famous one; the Altiverb, still considered to be one of the best convolution reverbs on the market. 
Peter’s reputation in the Audio Engineering world is extensive, with a wide list of clients who forbid any disclosure of the specifics of his involvement because his contributions were integral to their business and commercial success.
For the musical ‘Soldaat van Oranje’ (a show that has been running for more than 5 years now) he built a custom reverb engine with 14 separate outputs capable of real time switching between different acoustic environments for a stunning live sound show.
When Peter is not programming the next Timber 3D innovation, you can find him cycling around the Netherlands or playing the guitar.

Daniel Talma

first studied Electronics followed by Music Technology in Utrecht/Hilversum (NL) where he specialized in sound engineering. After his studies he started a company that built and supported digital media studios.
As his career matured, Daniel focused on sound engineering for music, film and video production and founded a post/editing/mixing studio.
He is equally passionate about sound as the underlying technologies.
He worked for an impressive roster of international productions and clients including, among others: Channel News Asia, Grand Central Studios, Jardon Post Production, Small Island Films, Aurora, National Geographic and Take Two Productions.
When Daniel is not conducting experiments in the audio labs at Timber 3D, he plays the upright bass in his trio ‘Unheard Music Concepts'.


UK - Scramble: sound for the future

In our speed-of-culture and multi-platform world, the pressure on brands is to be omnipresent.
Which means the world of sound is bigger and more complex than ever before.

Scramble has built on its 20-year heritage to become a destination post-production house for the content age, servicing the top creative agencies in London and beyond.

Scramble Labs is the innovation hub of Scramble. Working with partners around the world, Scramble Labs leverages technology to open up new creative opportunities in sound.

Scramble Labs powered by Timber 3D Audio

Timber is one of Scramble Lab’s first partners.
Working together, we’re introducing the UK creative industries to the potential of 3D Audio, with bespoke projects including commercials, film (including trailers), video content and audio books.

NL - Good Sounds

Good Sounds is a boutique studio for high-end music production & sound design in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Based at the offices of Postoffice, one of the leading Postproduction collectives in the Netherlands – they create anything that’s related to sound for the advertising, film/broadcasting and interactive worlds.
Working for the world’s biggest brands, the engineers at Good Sounds know that developing new sounds and technologies are key to keep up with ever changing media landscape. -For us, working with Timber 3D to produce unique 3D content is the logical next step in sound design and modern technologies-


We’re located in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Feel free to drop us a line and see what we can do for you!

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