Unleash the power of 3D audio

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One time license fee
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"Timber 3D carefully developed a quality engine that replicates true 3D audio on any stereo system."
Daniel Samaan - SonusPro - Toronto

"I like it very much. It's simplicity and superb quality will make it a "winner"
 Oliver Barth - Btrax - Berlin.

"Sfera is the first one that I found that actually really works and it sounds fantastic."  
Jurriaan Belhuizen - Postoffice - Amsterdam.

"For me this is the evolution of sound, the new stereo."
Christian Lobo - Executive Producer  - London

"It is incredibly easy to incorporate into our Protools sessions as it does not require
its own routing matrix to a separate encoder." 

Dave Cooper - Number 8 - London

license Sfera on a monthly basis. You just pay when you need it.
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1 Month 

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One time license fee
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3 Months

38€ per month
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6 Months

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12 Months

24€ per month
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Want to test it before?  Click the following link to get a trial version of Sfera plugin.

Timber proprietary technology

Our Timber 3D engine that runs the Sfera plugin consists of a customised HRTF engine combined with a sophisticated reflections engine that calculates the true reflections based on the current position and rotation of both the source and listener. ALso takes in account the size and shape and materials of the room. We combine this with other so important cues such as pitch to create a high quality, realistic cinematic audio experience. On top of that we use custom processing that eliminates the sonic side effects associated with the use of HRTFs. This way we can ensure the audio stays crisp and clean for headphones and compatible with speaker systems.

Features Timber Sfera

• Listener: Azimuth L/R/Front/Back, elevation

• Sound sources: Azimuth L/R/Front/Back, elevation

• Listener yaw (horizontal plane) and pitch (vertical plane)

• Room modelling

• Early reflections based on current position and rotation of source and listener in relation to room
• Adjustable direct sound roll-off
• Adjustable reflections roll-off 
• Doppler in movement
• Multiple HRTF sets
• Filters for different reflections characters
• Additional extra filters for realistic behaviour of a wide range of sounds and rooms

• Directional sound source (yaw)
• Head tracking
• Minimal latency
• Cinematic 3D Sound ®

General requirements:

· Mac OS X ( OS Version 10.11 + )
· Available in VST / AU / and AAX for compatible hosts running on a supported Mac OS operating system.
· Supported Sample rates: 44.1, 48 KHz.

More information? Check our Sfera plugin guide