Sfera is the most advanced 3D audio engine that gives you absolute control over the position and movement of any sound and allows you to simulate reality

The eye believes what the ear hears.

Sfera is an innovative and versatile plugin that combines binaural principles with Timber’s proprietary spatial techniques.
With Sfera you can position or move any sound around the listener with absolute control 
adding a huge degree of presence and spatial depth to the sound design.

Sfera allows you to deliver surround sound in stereo.

  • 3D audio is an effect, just like stereo sound or 3D film, a trick to fool the eyes or ears of the listener. With Sfera processing a stereo mix seems to be around you, not just having sound left and right as in regular stereo.
  • How? Instead of having the static reverb for a sound, as most sound people do, Sfera engine is constantly recalculating the real reflections based on the real position of the sound source and the listener.

  • Sfera keeps an outstanding sound quality that even though it is meant for headphones, also sounds great on stereo speaker sound systems.
    The sound quality achieved sets us apart from the competition and the result is that you can deliver cinematic sound at home.

  • Sfera is  a very versatile 3D engine that has been developed
    by the renowned DSP Peter Bakker.

Sfera is the right tool to deliver the best stereo sound to the constantly increasing streaming audiences.

Fact is the rise of streaming media has radically changed our listening behaviour: the growth of streaming media and the popularity of portable devices overwhelmingly favour headphones and small speakers. Unfortunately the playback of a down-mixed, multi-channel surround mix via small stereo speakers or tiny headphones is a far cry from the far more dynamic and immersive original audio experience.

Today digital video is transforming the entertainment industry and the new ways of viewing films require adaptation in the entire supply chain, from concept to production to distribution. 

Though screens have shrunk,
Sfera delivers big cinematic sound for small formats.